A36, A572, A514-T1, 4140, 1045 Steel Plate from Precision Grinding, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama USA 1045 Steel Plate Products 1/2" - 8" thick.

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1045 must conform to A6/A6M to meet ASTM A830 Specifications

Grade Steel Fractional Thickness Decimal Thickness
1045 Steel Plate 1/2" 0.5"
1045 Steel 3/4" 0.75"
1045 Steel 1" 1.0"
1045 1 1/8" 1.13"
1045 1 1/4" 1.25"
1045 Steel Plate 1 1/2" 1.5"
1045 1 3/4" 1.75"
1045 2" 2.0"
1045 Plate 2 1/4" 2.25"
AISI 1045 Plate call for > 2 1/4 call for < 14"

1045 Bar available, cut to size. Hot Roll only.
1045 Flat Bar available w/ground sides & edges.

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Raw materials  for large sprockets and steel gears used in the paper industry or used in processing basic, are often manufactured from 1045, 4140 or A36 steel. Coal, Iron, rock, stone, gravel, and even cement are processed and transported every day. Engineered systems such as moving systems, crushing systems, curing and drying systems handle enormous tonnages of raw materials while processing them into smaller, more refined, or mixed applications. Precision Grinding works with design engineers, job shops, parts and machine manufacturing companies, and processing plants themselves to manufacture large and heavy custom steel component parts (ex: gears, sprockets, crushing equipment, pulverizers, & precision conveyor system parts) which are incorporated into the processing equipment that service these industries. Besides offering higher-strength steels such as 1045, we also manufacture mining equipment parts and other wear plates for systems requiring wear resistance in addition to high strength properties. We manufacture steel parts according to specifications as laid out by the mechanical engineers for fabrication job shops and for the plants themselves. When you or your company need heavy or large custom steel parts, please, call  (888) 934-7463 for a quote. We've been in business for over 40 years, and you can count on us to make your parts right the first time at a very competitive price.

Precision Grinding offers several alternatives in manufacturing custom parts: material only, cut plates with deburred edges; flame cut or plasma beveled and precision ground parts; and flame cut, ground to tolerances, and machined complete to specifications. Annealing is available from our own 8' x 8' x 14' furnace. Hardening & Heat Treating services are also available.

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Precision Grinding's mission is to be the most Trusted, highest Quality steel plate processor in the industry with the most dedicated and productive work force by strictly adhering to the following principals:

► Quality of work second to none in the Steel Fabrication Industry
► On time deliveries
► Lowest cost in the industry which helps our customers manage their Cash Flow
► Excellent safety record

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